Legacy of Empires

Legacy of Empires is a D&D 5th Edition adaptation of the New World campaign setting. You can find a PDF copy of the Player's Handbook linked below, along with the supplementary Elemental Evil Player's Companion.

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News of the discovery spreads like wildfire. Ambitious lords, zealous high priests and enterprising merchants draw their plans fervently. The docks of the cities blaze with activity, as ships are outfitted for long journeys and word goes out at every village square and tavern throughout the kingdom. The New World has been found and the rush to claim and colonize it has begun!

A brave group of adventurers joins the first expedition to make landfall in the New World. They will have to overcome unique challenges and threats unheard of in the known world. Their greatest enemy is not an evil adversary or corrupt king. It is the unknown. The unknown land that stretches endlessly past the horizon: the unknown inhabitants of the New World and most importantly the unknown decisions that will ensure the safety and prosperity of the fledgling colony. There are many possible futures for the adventurers and the colony but most paths end in failure and death. The adventurers must choose wisely or they will not survive the first winter.

Our adventure begins in the Old World kingdom of Augria. A few months ago, a young wizard's magical mishap with a teleportation spell resulted in a the discovery of a whole new continent across the ocean. A half-orc merchant named William Mogoinkhat has begun funding an expedition to this new land, and exiles and adventurers from all over Augria have flocked signed aboard the three ships spearheading the first wave of colonisation; the Thurirl, the Kiabil and the flagship, the Suaco.

The merchant ship Suaco and its crew of 87 were hired by the Mogoinkhat brothers. The Thurirl and the Kiabil were specially constructed, with the Suaco's crew divided between them.

The colony is named "Helisport" after Helia.

Days Since Landfall: 18

The voyage to the New World took about two months, and the colonists arrived on the 6th of Eleint, 847. The colonists have limited provisions, including food and water, grain, chickens, goats and pigs.

About Augria

Augria is a feudal monarchy, with a king presiding over a hierarchy of landed nobles. Most of the land is owned by petty lords, living in castles overseeing stretches of countryside. In the cities are lesser nobles, craftsmen and merchants.

Augria has a proud legacy of strong rulers, who have for centuries protected the land from both external and internal threats. Four years ago, the throne passed to the sitting king, Maurice.

Maurice is not a terrible ruler, but the task of running a kingdom has proven to be somewhat beyond him, and his reign has seen a marked increase in the influence of the merchant princes and lesser nobles.

Gods of Augria

Augria is dominated by the worship of the sun goddess, Helia — a religion introduced to Augria centuries ago by the high elves. The cult of Helia is a henotheism - while its members worship only Helia, they acknowledge other deities that may be served. Most of the humanoid races worship Helia, although cults dedicated to other gods still have a strong presence in some communities. The Church of Helia is headed by a high-ranking priest known as the "Solarus", who resides in the capital. The current Solarus is Radiance VII, a female half-elf.

Deity AL Domains Symbol
Helia NG Life, Light Helia.png

There are many other gods worshipped by the races who have not yet adopted Helia:

  • Orcs worship the orcish pantheon.
  • Goblins worship the goblin pantheon
  • Hobgoblins venerate their patron Nomog-Geaya above all other deities.
  • Dragonborn and kobolds worship dragon gods. Kobolds sometimes worship Kurtulmak
  • Goliaths worship the goliath pantheon, and some also worship gods from the giant pantheon.
  • Ratfolk traditionally worship Squerrik, but many surface-dwelling ratfolk have adopted Helia as their primary god.
  • Aarakocra worship Syranita as their patron, but also venerate other avian gods.
  • Merfolk worship Eadro as their patron, but also venerate other aquatic gods.
  • Minotaurs worship gods of nature, beasts and hunting. They have no racial pantheon of their own. A few worship Baphomet, the Horned King, whom their people rebelled against long ago.

Calendar of Harptos

The Old World uses the Calendar of Harptos, which divides the year into 12 months, each lasting three tendays (or 30 days), with 5 additional days between months. The names of the months and festivals of the Old World are as follows:

  • Hammer ("Deepwinter")
    • Midwinter between Hammer 30 and Alturiak 1
  • Alturiak ("The Claw of Winter" or "The Claws of the Cold")
  • Ches ("The Claw of Sunsets")
  • Tarsakh ("The Claw of the Storms")
    • Greengrass between Tarsakh 30 and Mirtul 1
  • Mirtul ("The Melting")
  • Kythorn ("The Time of Flowers")
    • Summer Solstice on Kythorn 20
  • Flamerule ("Summertide")
    • Midsummer between Flamerule 30 and Eleasias 1
    • Shieldmeet occurs the day after Midsummer, once every four years
  • Eleasis ("Highsun")
  • Eleint ("The Fading")
    • Autumn Equinox on Eleint 21
    • Highharvestide between Eleint 30 and Marpenoth 1
  • Marpenoth ("Leafall")
  • Uktar ("The Rotting")
    • Feast of the Moon between Uktar 30 and Nightal 1
  • Nightal ("The Drawing Down")
    • Winter Solstice on Nightal 20

House Rules

  • Player characters use the following base ability scores: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.
  • When creating a character, please choose a background from the Player's Handbook.
  • Players are encouraged to give their characters one of the names from the Player's Handbook. Humans have traditional English names.
  • Humans use the Human Alternate Rules found in the Player's Handbook.


Player Characters

Name Player Race Class
Clem Reynard lurkd Human Cleric Clem.jpg
Layla Storn Prior Half-Elf Warlock Layla.jpg
Droseph Bulbö Trar Gnome Fighter Droseph.jpg
Ganbaatar Uriankhai GraemeCracker Hobgoblin Fighter Ganbaatar.jpg
Arastia Danaphet DiePotato Half-Elf Monk Arastia.jpg
Eliza "Red" Clarke Nemi Human Rogue red_headshot.jpg
Xipil Pauahtun ProcyonLotor Kobold Shaman Xipil.jpg
Ada McCraw Bunton Half-Elf Rogue Ada.jpg

Inactive Characters

Name Player Race Class
Natrin Fardendrin DiePotato Dragonborn Cleric Natrin.jpg
Onald Carvell Daedalus Undead Merchant Onald.jpg
Jak Gallenfell Conwell Human Paladin Jak.jpg

Non-Player Characters

Name Description
Captain Wyatt The stoic and serious leader of the expeditionary force, and one of the de facto heads of the colony. CaptainIcon.jpg
Sister Helena A kind-hearted acolyte of Helia, who serves as the colony's chaplain. SisterIcon.jpg
"King" Besnik An eccentric ratfolk wizard, and self-proclaimed "King of the Rats". RatfolkIcon.jpg
Lucius Mogoinkhat A sly and charismatic half-orc merchant, with influential contacts in the Old World. MerchantIcon.jpg
Merla Goodbarrel The daughter of renowned explorer Corrin Goodbarrel. Merla seeks to make her own name as an explorer in the New World. HalflingIcon.jpg
Kwatoko A mysterious kenku sage, with the magical ability to speak any language. KenkuIcon.jpg
Nadie A powerful wizard and sachem ("chieftain") of the Black Raven tribe. NadieIcon.jpg
Ahanu The patient and experienced sachem of the Grey Fang tribe. AhanuIcon.jpg

Other unusual characters include:

  • Bimpnottin, an eccentric and eternally optimistic gnome trader.
  • Lerissa, a brisk and aggressive tiefling sailor.
  • Lo-Kag, a silent and imposing goliath.
  • Luxion, an old, gruff master blacksmith.
  • Manturok and his silent brother Thurotur, a pair of rowdy minotaur sailors.
  • Nalna, a cynical ratfolk crew member. She is deeply distrustful of Besnik.
  • Sidi, a ratfolk colonist. She is a devout follower of Besnik.
  • Tordan Brassbeard, a kindly and friendly dwarf, and Wyatt's first mate.
  • Travis Cunningham, a charismatic and ambitious farmer.
  • Wulf the Naturalist, an enterprising half-elf ranger.


Race Source
Dragonborn 5th
Dwarf 5th
Elf 5th
Gnome 5th
Halfling 5th
Human 5th
UndeadPDF 3pp
Monstrous Race Source
Aarakocra EE
Goblin 3pp
Goliath EE
Hobgoblin 3pp
KoboldPDF 3pp
MerfolkImgur 3pp
MinotaurPDF 3pp
Orc 3pp
RatfolkPDF 3pp
Hybrid Race Source
Genasi EE
Half-Elf 5th
Half-Orc 5th
Tiefling 5th
New World Race Source
KenkuImgur 3pp
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