Clans of the North

Legacy of Empires: Clans of the North is a side adventure for Legacy of Empires, taking place in the Old World while the colony is just setting up. It follows the campaigns of a particular hobgoblin tribe, led by the ambitious warlord Monkhbakuizu Chonojougi.

In Clans of the North, the players will take on the roles of Monkhbakuizu's generals — aiming to help him conquer all of the feuding hobgoblin clans, or perhaps betray him as a means to accomplish their own ambitions. They can play as any race that might serve in a hobgoblin army — bugbears, ettins, giants, goblins, minotaurs, ogres, orcs and even human mercenaries can be found serving in the ranks of the hobgoblin horde. Whatever their race or background, all player characters must have a talent for leadership — all of them will have been personally chosen by Monkhbakuizu for a position of command.

The campaign will continue until Monkhbakuizu, or another hobgoblin supported by at least one of the players, succeeds in becoming the Kha-Ghul (see below). Players may use war, intrigue, diplomacy, or any other tools at their disposal to accomplish their ambitions. While only hobgoblins can become Kha-Ghul, there is nothing to stop players from betraying Monkhbakuizu in order to place another candidate on the throne.

About Hobgoblins

Hobgoblin Society

In the world of Legacy of Empires, hobgoblins are a structured, efficient, and ruthless people in their means to further their agenda. They’re a martial society, focusing on military superiority and border expansion above all else. Their kingdoms are situated in the wild inhospitable lands of Northern Augria, which they rule with an iron fist.

History records that many hundreds of years ago, hobgoblins migrated into Augria from a far-off land to the east. They moved into the largely unoccupied northern territories, and quickly began feuding among themselves for land and power. In the centuries since, clans have risen and fallen, but no one clan has ever succeeded at uniting all the hobgoblin tribes.

The ultimate achievement for a hobgoblin is to acquire the status of Kha-Ghul — an Orcish term used by the hobgoblin clans to refer to the warlord destined to unite all the hobgoblin tribes in the name of their patron, the war god Nomog-Geaya.

Women in Hobgoblin society are considered largely equal to their male counterparts in day-to-day life. While the details may differ between clans, both males and females partake in combat and support roles in order to benefit their group. They eat together, work together, and fight together.

Recent Events

In the last few years a powerful clan has been gathering strength on the borders of human territory — the Chonojougi. Their Kha, Monkhbakuizu Chonojougi, has become something of a living legend. His strategic brilliance is renowned, even among the strategically talented hobgoblins.

Monkhbakuizu was born the son of crimson and gamboge parent from different clans. When he took control of the Chonojougi, it was a minor vassal to another, more powerful tribe — but in just a handful of years under his leadership, the Chonojougi became one of the most powerful forces in all of Augria, and it now holds a well-deserved reputation for being unbeatable in the field.

Many factors have contributed to Monkhbakuizu's success, chief among which is his policy of promoting purely based on merit. His generals are the best of the best — talented soldiers who have been indispensable in propelling the clan to its current position of glory.

Several months ago, Monkhbakuizu began to consider his northern border, contemplating his main rival and most powerful foe — Etsuichi Hadzukichumo, warlord of the Hadzukichumo clan. Made up primarily of crimson hobgoblins, the Hadzukichumo clan is known for its policy of retaining existing tribal structures rather than fully absorbing conquered tribes as victorious hobgoblins traditionally do. Etsuichi herself is a seasoned leader, and every bit as cunning and brilliant as her rival.

Once the unrivalled lords of the region, the Hadzukichumo clan is now merely equal to the Chonojougi — a state of affairs that is unacceptable to both sides. Soon, these two clans will go to war, and when they do the victor will have a very real shot at claiming for themselves the title all hobgoblins aspire to — Kha-Ghul.


Player Characters

Name Player Race Class
Commander Yamasuzu Nemi Ogre Fighter
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