Eliza "Red" Clarke

Name: Eliza Clarke
Player: Nemi

Sex: Female
Age: 22
Race: Human

Class: Rogue 2 / Fighter 2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Level: 4
Proficiency: +2
Hit Points: d8+2[CON] + d10+2[CON] | 34

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135 lbs

Identifying Features: Red hair, freckles, mole under right eye.


Strength 10 +0
Dexterity 16* +3
Constitution 14* +2
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 8 -1

Background (Folk Hero):

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Tinker's Tools

Languages: Common, Elven, Thieves' Cant



Dagger d20+5 = +3[DEX]+2[PRO] 1d4+3[DEX] piercing Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60)
Light crossbow d20+7 = +3[DEX]+2[PRO]+2[FEA] 1d8+3[DEX] piercing Ammunition (range 80/320), loading, two-handed
Rapier d20+5 = +3[DEX]+2[PRO] 1d8+3[DEX] piercing Finesse


Initiative: +3[DEX]

Land Speed: 30ft
Armored Speed: 30ft
Climb Speed: 15ft
Swim Speed: 0ft
Flight Speed: 0ft


AC: 11+3[DEX] = 14

Strength Save: +0[STR] = +0
Dexterity Save: +3[DEX]+2[PRO] = +5
Constitution Save: +2[CON] = +2
Intelligence Save: +1[INT]+2[PRO] = +3
Wisdom Save: +2[WIS] = +2
Charisma Save: -1[CHA] = -1

Racial Traits:

Size: Medium
Ability Score: Choose 2 ability scores to increase by 1.
Feat (Human): Choose 1 feat. [Sharpshooter]
Skilled (Human): Choose 1 skill. [Perception]

Class Features:

Armor: Light armor, Medium Armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, Martial Weapons, hand crossbows
Skills: Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Investigation
Proficiencies: Thieves' Tools
Expertise: Double proficiency bonus on two skills of your choice. [Stealth, Acrobatics]

Level Features



  • Light crossbow and 40 bolts
  • Rapier
  • 2 daggers
  • Leather armor
  • Thieves' tools
  • Tinker's tools
  • Shovel
  • Iron pot
  • Traveler's clothes
  • Belt pouch
  • Tiny silver raven icon
  • 10 gp


Eliza Clarke was born the youngest daughter of a tinker in the lands of Lord Thomas Eamon, a petty baron who was, by all accounts, a perfectly reasonable ruler. Eliza's father, David Clarke, would travel from village to village within the fief, fixing odds and ends, buying and reselling utensils and tools and the like, and generally making a modest living whilst teaching his children the trade. Eliza's older two sisters, Marina and Claire, married village boys and settled down, while her older brothers — Paul and Ron — traveled to Brethe to learn wizardry and was crippled by polio, respectively. Her mother had died of cholera not long after Eliza's birth, and when the other children grew up and dispersed, it left her to learn from her father all kinds of deft mechanical skills. Life was often busy and sometimes uncomfortable, but it was good, and the Clarkes were at least relatively happy.

That is, until Lord Eamon and his eldest and favored son died, and his less-favorite son, Edward, inherited the fiefdom. Edward was a shortsighted individual whom, in some efforts to offset the debts incurred by the particular incident in which his father and elder brother died, raised taxes and tithes throughout the fiefdom to strangling levels. Eliza, at that point her ageing and rather arthritic father's dedicated assistant, ended up bearing the burden of not only the reeves' own collections but the growing dissent amongst the populace. Lord Eamon sent his soldiers to try to quell the unrest, which only worsened matters. The peasantry took up arms and rebelled, hanging tax collectors and bailiffs alike, forcing Eamon to summon his neighboring lords for assistance.

Eliza, unfortunately, was thus witness to her father's accusation of being a rebel ringleader and his subsequent hanging. Embittered by what she saw as injustice and abuse of authority, she threw herself wholeheartedly into the rebellion, working on crossbows and the the like for the rebel fighters. It was a short-lived rebellion; untrained peasantry, no matter how enthusiastic, are no real match for trained soldiers. Eliza and a few others identified as rebels fled from civilization and thus had to turn to brigandry to survive. Eliza learned some modest survival skills, but more importantly honed her abilities with the sharpened blade and the bolt as her ragtag companions preyed upon traveling tax collectors and the like, rarely staying in one place for long due to their troublesome tendency to leave most travelers alive.

Retaliation begets retaliation, however, and soon enough the little brigand gang was scattered by Eamon's troops. Eliza, having earned the nickname "Red" for obvious reasons, soon found herself in Brethe. Her brother Paul, the would-be-wizard, wanted nothing to do with her, of course, and so she had to ply her well-trained mechanical skills in whatever trades she could. Being a poor young woman, she wasn't desired in the trades, and her self-respect was too high for the other most eligible profession. After some time living on tavern common room floors, under eaves or in open attics and stables, Red finally had enough. The expedition to the 'New World' came at an opportune time- they wanted scouts and skilled persons? Red had nobody to vouch for her, but she could put in the word regardless.

And so she soon found herself on a ship headed for the New World.

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