"The freedom of a starving wolf."

Name: Woola
Player: Prior

Sex: Male
Age: 7
Race: Wolf

Class: Wolf
Alignment: True Neutral
Level: 1
Proficiency: +2
Hit Points: 15

Height: 6'3" long, 3' tall
Weight: 110 lbs
Size: Small/Medium

Identifying Features: Is a wolf. Has a distinctive peach colouration across his "face".


Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 3 -4
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 10 +0



Bite d20+4 2d4+2 piercing, DC 11 STR save or fall prone


Initiative: +2[DEX]

Land Speed: 40ft
Armored Speed: 0Xft
Climb Speed: 0ft
Swim Speed: 0ft
Flight Speed: 0ft


AC: 13

Strength Save: +X[STR] = +1
Dexterity Save: +X[DEX] = +2
Constitution Save: +X[CON] = +1
Intelligence Save: +X[INT] = -4
Wisdom Save: +X[WIS] = +1
Charisma Save: +X[CHA] = +0

Racial Traits:

Keen Hearing and Smell: Woola has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell.

Pack Tactics: The wolf has advantage on attack rolls against a creature if at least one of the wolf's allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated.

He does tricks!: Woola understands and can acknowledge the following commands and identifying words.

Kill: Command. Woola will attempt to kill whatever has been pointed out to him or specified through a phrase. He will not kill Kara or Cherrag, and is reluctant to fight other wolves. Woola is neither loyal nor stupid enough to fight to the death in 99% of circumstances.

Hunt: Woola will attempt to locate and find something specified by scent, word, or direction. If coupled with Kill, he will attempt to kill it when he finds it. He may or may not bring back the corpse.

Mask: Woola masks the scent trail of his friends, forcing disadvantage on any attempt to sniff them out.

Woola also knows the self-explanatory Flee and Hide. He understands the words "Woola", "Wolf, "Cherrag", "Kara", "Smilodon" (and variations thereof), "Mammoth", "Elk", "Rabbit", and four different members of Cherrag's huntin party.


As with most of the Ankrat wolves, Woola is a member of a long line of creatures who share a symbiotic relationship with the tribe, or at least a noncompetitive one. Since an early age, Woola has hunted with the current chieftain Cherrag as his father did, and sleeps by the fire in his house.


Woola lives with Cherrag and Kara, and has his own litter of unnamed pups and an unnamed partner.

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